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LEVEL 2A    
Recommended Age: 8+ years old

This class is for beginning acro dancers above the age of 8. The students progress through the set list of skills throughout the year.


Classes are split into groups, and each group of students work in ‘trick families’, enabling them to work on different levels of a skill so that all students are working at a level appropriate for them. For example, all students may be working on back walkovers, however, some will be doing these as bridges down a wall, or backbends to a height with a spot, or to the floor with a spot or unassisted.


Classes also incorporate across-the-floor combinations that combine dance elements with the acrobatic skills learnt in class. 


  • Cartwheel Variations

  • One Handed Cartwheels 

  • Round Offs

  • Handstands (Variation, Walking)

  • Bridge Recovers

  • Handstand Bridge Kickovers

  • Front Walkovers

  • Back Walkovers

  • Inside Outs

  • Shoulder Rolls

  • Needle Rolls

  • Tinsicas/Spiders 

  • Headstands

  • Elbow Stands

  • Chest Stands

  • Shoulder Stands 

  • Dance Elements combined with Acro Skills

  • Junior Level Partnering 


$120.00 Per Term

Based on an 8 Week Term

$15.00 Per Casual Class


Saturdays, 12:15pm - 1:00pm


Studio 1

Evolve Studios

98 Carlyle Street, Sydenham

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