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What will training cover?

This training session will cover skills for beginner to intermediate level acro. We will have some Acro with Amy students attending on the day so you can put your training into action straight away and practise spotting with guidance from fully certified and highly experienced acro teacher, Amy Potts. Participants will receive training on unique class management styles specific to acro, and learn how to teach, spot and correct a wide variety of skills including:

Beginner Skills:


  • Rolls: Forward, Back, Shoulder

  • Balances: Handstands, Chest Stands, Elbow Stands, Headstands 

  • Cartwheels: Beginner Cartwheels, One-Handed, Round Off

  • Walkovers: Back Bends, Recoveries, Handstand Bridge, Kickovers, Front Walkover, Back Walkover 

Intermediate Skills:

  • Walkovers: Valdez, One Arm Walkovers, Back Limbers

  • Handsprings: Drills, Progressions, Spotting Front and Back Handsprings

  • Side Aerials: Drills, Progressions, Spotting

  • Tumbling: Round Off Back Handsprings

student teacher training programme

What Is It?

This is a programme run throughout the year for Senior AwA students interested in further acro and dance teacher training. Participants will be taught how to teach, spot and correct acro skills, with multiple dedicated teacher training days throughout the year, accumulating in an ADTA teaching certification after a year of participation.


All Student Teachers will be on a 2-3 week rotation in which 2-3 student teachers will assist teachers with weekly classes, giving participants an opportunity to put their training to work with other students.


There will be 2 intakes - Summer and Winter. Participants should be able to commit to at least 8 weeks of in-class lessons per half year, however, exact dates are flexible around student teachers' other dance, school and family commitments. Winter intake will be in time for Term 3.

What Will Teachers Receive?

As a part of the STTP, you will receive:

  • Associate Teacher Certification through ADTA. 

  • In-class teaching experience with various ages and levels.

  • Training on how to teach, spot and correct a wide variety of skills from cartwheels and walkovers to aerials and back tucks.

  • Training on teaching techniques and styles.

  • Opportunities for paid teaching roles.

  • Opportunities for assisting or demonstrating in AwA workshops.

  • A written reference at the end of the year which can be used for future job applications/school roles/scholarship applications etc.

Applicant Requirements
  • Must be age 12 + as of February 19th 2024.

  • Must be attending their own weekly acro class.

  • 2/3 week in-class rotation (with flexibility around other commitments). Wednesdays 3:45pm - 6:00pm or Saturdays 10:30am - 12:45pm.

  • 4.5-month commitment, with opportunities to stay on for the following half-year.

  • Attend a dedicated teaching training session to learn how to spot/teach skills.

  • Attend any ongoing training sessions.

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