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level 4 - intermediate
level: intermediate. recommended Age: 10+ years old

This class is for intermediate acro dancers. It is recommended that students are age 10+, however, this is dependent on the abilities of the individual student. Students must be capable of all skills in the previous level before progressing to this level. The teacher will decide whether they are ready for the next level.

Classes are split into groups, and each group of students work in ‘trick families’, enabling them to work on different levels of a skill so that all students are working at a level appropriate for them. For example, all students may be working on back handsprings, however, some will be doing these as back limbers, or handsprings over a tumbling barrel, with a tumbling belt, a single spot or unassisted. 


Classes also incorporate across-the-floor combinations that combine dance elements with the acrobatic skills learnt in class. 


Students in Acro Classes from Level 3 up have the option of attending additional training days once per term. These sessions will be held at a local gymnastics club to use their floors, mats and equipment to assist in the development of tumbling skills. More details to come on this exciting new class option....



5:15pm - 6:00pm



11:15am - 12:00pm



For one class



For both classes


Studio 1

Evolve Studios

98 Carlyle Street

skill focus

  • Front/Back Walkovers

  • Valdez

  • Back/Front Handsprings

  • Side Aerials 

  • Tinsica Walkovers

  • Limbers

  • Handstand Variations 

  • Tick Tocks

  • Round Off Back Handspring

  • Dance Elements combined with Acro Skills

  • Intermediate Level Partnering

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