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adults beginner acro & dance tricks
for beginner adults and teenagers

We now offer a weekly class for adults and teenagers who wish to start their acro journey whilst working with those of similar ages and abilities.


The class will be structured around particular goals participants may have while also following appropriate beginning skill progressions. If you are particularly keen to learn how to do a walkover or a cartwheel for example, then these skills will be included in the weekly lesson plan so that you are getting what you want out of the class.

This is a dually run class, as it is 'Open Acro', therefore there will be another group of younger students also taking their own class at the same time in intermediate/advanced skill levels. Participants will stay with their group and have separate instructions given to them, but there may be some skill crossover - for example, if Open Acro students are learning back handsprings, and there are members of the Adults Acro also wishing to work on back handsprings then they may combine, or when both groups are learning dance tricks, but for the most part, classes will work separately with their own teacher. 


Classes also incorporate across-the-floor combinations that combine dance elements with the acrobatic skills learnt in class. 

NB: Class size will be kept purposely small for this class to ensure quality instruction across the two groups. Those who enrol for the full term will be given priority for a spot in class each week and you must book in prior if you wish to attend casually to ensure there is enough space.



5:15pm - 6:00pm

Class currently on hold



per term




Studio 1

Evolve Studios

98 Carlyle Street

skill focus

(In addition to requested skills)
  • Dance Tricks

  • Cartwheel Variations

  • Round Offs

  • Handstands 

  • Front Walkovers

  • Back Walkovers

  • Rolls: Forward, Back, Shoulder, Needle Rolls

  • Balances: Elbow, Chest, Shoulder, Head Stands

  • Tinsicas/Spiders 

  • Handsprings

  • Dance Elements combined with Acro Skills

  • Partnering 

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