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term dates

Our classes run on an 8-week term. This means that in terms that are longer than 8 weeks, we will start or finish earlier or later than the school term.


Classes run on an 8-week term so that private lessons may be offered to students on their regular class day in either the first or final week of the school term. Lessons are not frequently available during the term due to Amy's limited availability. 


Please take note of these dates as they may vary from other dance studios and schools.


Note that in Terms 1 and 2, Saturday classes start before Wednesday classes as there are public holiday weekends in which Saturday classes will not run. Saturday classes will start the week before Monday/Wednesday to even out the number of lessons you receive. Parents will be emailed before term commencement with date reminders.


saturday 17th february
saturday 13th

8 lessons per class

no classes easter saturday


saturday 4th
saturday 29th

8 lessons per class

no classes kings birthday saturday


monday 29th
saturday 21st

8 lessons per class


monday  14th october
saturday 7th  december

8 lessons per class

specific dates for parents

Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 5.38.56 PM.png

trial classes

A trial class is counted as a casual class which costs $20. This fee is paid on the day, in cash. If a student decides they enjoy the class and wishes to continue, then that amount is discounted from the term invoice.

change of classes

To ensure your child is in the most appropriate class for their ability level, they may be shuffled around (providing alternative class times fit with their other commitments). Every dancer is working at their own level and there is absolutely no comparison so dancers must be in the class best for them and their current abilities to keep them safe. This decision is the teachers alone as they solely know what is required of students in each class.

uniform and hair requirements

Uniform rules must be strictly adhered to in order to keep dancers and spotters safe.

Uniform: Leotard and shorts or crop top/tight-fitting top and shorts. Shorts/tights MUST be worn.

Hair: Must be in a bun or tied up. If your dancer has long hair please avoid ponytails as these will flick spotters in the face during tricks.

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