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About Us

about us

At Acro with Amy, we pride ourselves on teaching our students technically correct, safe and strong foundational acro skills right through to advanced variations and tumbling. We welcome students from as young as 2.5 years old and of any ability level - beginner to advanced. 


We are a solely acro-dedicated studio, therefore our classes are open to all students who already train at another dance school or gym around Christchurch. 


Our acro classes primarily work through the ADTA Pre Junior, Junior, Intermediate and Advanced Syllabi and classes also include skill variations and trending skills. Students learn choreography and combinations to teach them how to effortlessly blend acrobatic skills into dance routines. Skills are taught in a specific method that differs from how many dance studios and gymnastics clubs teach skills such as aerials and walkovers. These step-by-step methods are proven to be hugely successful in creating technically correct and aesthetically pleasing shapes. 


Owner and headteacher Amy Potts has completed all levels of the ADTA Certifications and holds a Premiere Master ADTA Qualification, Alixa Flexibility Module 1 Certification and a Bachelor of Music Theatre. Established in 2017, Amy has taught acro to upwards of 800 dancers throughout New Zealand and the United States over the last 5 years. 


We run a highly successful teacher training programme for our senior students and our younger students benefit from having anywhere from 2 to 5 teachers in the studio with them for every class. This teacher-to-student ratio allows for more one-on-one feedback, more hands-on spotting time and no waiting between skills. All training teachers receive in-depth training from Amy using ADTA Associate Teacher Training techniques. 


Acro classes are highly beneficial for dancers, cheerleaders and gymnasts and are highly recommended if your child has one particular skill they wish to learn or if they wish to receive general well-rounded acro training. 


what our students and parents say

"I love my acro lessons with Amy. Ever since I started my lessons with her I have improved a lot. When she is teaching me something new she breaks all the steps down, so it makes it lots easier. When I was learning to do backwards walkovers she told me to trust myself and my hands will catch me and they did! I always look forward to my private lessons, I love Amy, she’s the best acro teacher!"

Isla Wray  |  Private & Group Lesson Student

our team

We have a team of highly experienced and skilled teachers who oversee our classes each week and our students benefit from having anywhere from 2 to 5 teachers in every class. This allows for minimal waiting time between skills, more hands-on spotting from teachers and increased one-on-one feedback. We have several Assistant Teachers who have completed their ADTA Associate Teacher Certification and a fantastic group of Student Teachers who are currently completing their Associate Teacher Certifications.


amy potts


Amy holds a Premiere Master ADTA Certification, Alixa Flexibility Certification and a Bachelor of Music Theatre and has helped hundreds of students throughout the South Island and Maine, USA achieve their acro goals.

She's an experienced dancer, singer and actor, having performed in 55+ productions since the age of 6. She has trained in RAD Ballet, NZAMD Jazz and Contemporary, Irish, Tap and Musical Theatre.


An experienced choreographer, she frequently choreographs for musicals and dance productions. Some of her recent choreography credits include; Oliver Jr, The Little Mermaid Jr, Peter Pan Jr, Grease, Seussical Jr, High School Musical, and many end-of-year Studio recitals. 


Her international performance and teaching credits include Disneyland, Los Angeles and American Summer Camp where she taught acro, dance and singing to American and International campers.

She is incredibly grateful to her wonderful team of teachers and assistants and finds huge reward in teaching AwA students each week.


samatha foster


With a great love for dancing, Sam has participated in numerous competitions with her team in New Zealand & Australia. She has been dancing for around 8 years now and couldn’t imagine her life without it.

Sam is very excited to be assisting Amy with her classes, as well as participating in the Level 5 class. Sam wishes to pass her knowledge on to the next generation of dancers. She is incredibly appreciative of Amy for giving her the chance to do so by giving her the opportunity to assist acro.


belle switalla


Belle has been dancing since she was 3 years old, currently training at Canterbury Ballet in their Pre Professional Trainee programme as a Modern Major.

She loves all aspects of dance and has really enjoyed assisting and working with younger dancers to achieve their acro goals and grow her teaching skills


mya robinson


Mya has been dancing since she could walk. She started Ballet when she was 4 years old but really got seriously into it when she started at Levings School of Dance 5 years ago.  She is in LSOD competition troupe teams and competes in Lyrical and Contemporary solo’s.


She started Acro 3 years ago and loves learning new tricks and flips which has also really helped her dancing. Mya is excited to help AwA students through their Acro journey.


molly brown


Molly is very excited to be assisting Amy with her ‘Acro with Amy’ classes. She started Acro at a very young age and is excited to pass her knowledge on to the next generation of dancers.


Highlights in her dance career include:

  • Own Tv Segment on What Now ‘Move It With Molly’

  • NZ Top Dancer as a Junior and Intermediate

  • Runner-up Dancer of the Year Showcase National Championships 2019

  • Featured presenter in the ‘NZ Dance Challenge’ programme for New Zealand Schools

  • Children’s Ensemble ‘Cinderella’ the pantomime 2020

  • New Zealand School of Dance Senior Contemporary Associate 2019-2022

  • PACANZ Modern Semi-Finalist 2022

  • NZAMD Jazz Finalist 2022

  • Overall Highest Solo Score DanceNZMade Nationals 2022


Eva loose


Eva holds an associate teacher ATDA certificate and is looking forward to passing on her knowledge and skills.


Eva is a competitive dancer and has been dancing since she was 3 years old. She trains in Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Lyrical,  Musical Theatre and Acro. Eva has an incredible passion for dance and can’t wait to assist Acro with Amy classes!


lexi ganvev


Lexi is a passionate and dynamic dancer and is a stretch and condition teacher at Southern Ballet. Lexi is very excited to be assisting with ‘Acro with Amy’ to extend her Acro skills and help with the Acro students.  Lexi started dancing at the age of 3, currently dancing at Southern Ballet, Lexi is a competitive soloist and Troupe dancer and has trained in many styles including ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, (DDP / Dedicated dancer program), and Acro. Lexi is a member of the Rimu Dance Company at Rangi Ruru Girls. Lexi is excited to inspire and pass her skills to the next generation. 


Achievements in Dance: 



  • PACANZ Troupe 2023 

  • Distinction in Level 4 Contemporary 2023 

  • Lead role in Alice and Wonderland! 2022

  • Lead role in Wizard of Oz! 2023

  • Lead role in Cinderella! 2023


eva fleck


With 8 years of dance under her belt at a young age, Evas passion and love for anything dance runs deep.. so much that she can’t sit still. If she’s not practicing her turns, she’s flipping on her airtrack. 


She trains in Acro, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre. 


Eva is an extremely patient, positive person and loves to help others achieve their goals. 


zara johnson


Zara is passionate about all things dance related and has recently completed the Associate Teacher Certificate through ADTA and is excited to pass on some of this skill set to the younger generation coming through.

Zara is a competitive soloist and troupe dancer with 9 years of experience and has travelled all over NZ and to Australia.

Zara currently trains in Acro, RAD Ballet, NZAMD Jazz and Contemporary, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre. Zara is also a member of the Rimu Dance Company at Rangi Ruru Girls’


lauren popham


Lauren has been dancing for 15 years, training is many styles including jazz, ballet, hiphop, contemporary and acro. She has trained in dance schools in Blenheim and Christchurch. Lauren completed her Solo Performance Diploma in Jazz in 2022.


She has been assisting in teaching dance classes for the past 4 years. She has a huge passion for dance and looks forward to teaching students in classes.​


briar clark


Briar has been for 13 years starting in ballet and is currently doing Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and Acro, as well as competing in troupes with her team. Briar absolutely loves teaching Acro. She used to assistant teach acro at RPDS and she is very excited to join Amy's team and help younger dancers thrive

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